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Hi, I’m Maria. I’m a transformational coach who knows that when you don’t feel connected to your work or to a new phase of life you begin to think something must be wrong with you and everyone else seems to have it all figured out.

I know this feeling all too well because I lived it. I spent years with the corporate scene, worked on Wall Street in New York. Then after relocating to The Netherlands, I soon realized I was not in alignment at my core.

I’m supporting You in unleashing your full potential and in creating a life of purpose.

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You deserve to be fulfilled and love the work you do. You deserve to live a full, and successful life that is aligned to who you truly are at your core. You might be noticing that you’re playing a smaller game than you would like to be. You know deep down you’re capable of more. The truth is every one of us has gone through this, myself included at one point or another in our life. It’s time to get back your zest and put a spring in your step.

Areas of Coaching


Are you living on autopilot? Do you want more for your life? You’re ready to step up and into the fullest most aligned version of YOU.

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Ready to break through limiting beliefs, doubts, and blocks that hold you back from achieving your goals? Your mindset is your secret weapon.

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and increase your visibility? Let’s work one on one to make that happen.

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Practical steps to unleash your potential. Discover your path, purpose and improve self-confidence.

Be the best version of YOU.


Employees, who are less stressed and motivated make a greater contribution to the success of the company.

Human capital is the growth of any organization.

Customer Service Training

What if you could promise your customers an amazing experience, and then deliver on the promise every time?

Grow Your Service Culture.


Empower your team to grow your customer-focused culture.

Clearly define your customer service vision.

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You’ve always had big dreams. But lately, you’ve been noticing that ‘something is not right.’ You feel stuck, frustrated, and wanting more.  You’re working but at the end of the day, you’re unfulfilled. You’ve read countless self-help books and now you’re ready to step it up and take massive action and start having the life you want and deserve.

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90 Minute Deep Dive

The perfect session to start your coaching journey. This is a 90 minute focused session is designed for you to uncover what is holding you back from achieving your goals. During this session, we’ll jump right into what you want to resolve.

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Life Reinvention

Why not invest in yourself and play big with your life. Whether you want to be more confident, healthier, wealthier, a better manager, whatever it is that you want to improve and develop – it’s never too late.

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My weekly sessions with Maria really helped me leap forward and ultimately lead to me achieving every goal I set myself. A major leap was selling out my first workshop. This was something I didn’t think was possible. Her honest advice and the way she steers you to make a decision along with so much other advice to business and changing the way I approached my business. Coaching with Maria was well worth the investment, if you’re considering it just Do It. If you want your life to stay as it, Maria’s coaching program is not for you.

M DeRosa, Communication Professional

Maria has this excellent ability to get right down to the heart of an issue. Tells you things you don’t want to hear but need to. I came to Maria knowing that I had some sticky issues that I wanted to root out once and for all. I knew something was blocking me but could not pinpoint it. I am an HR coach and I work with managers and business owners in media companies. As a result of the program, I am able to become more accepting of my strengths and blindspots. She has helped me unleash so much. Thank You, Maria!

Tamika Covey, Human Resource Management

I love Maria’s down-to-earth, real, presence mixed with a potent, direct coaching style that was able to get into some of my deepest shit in only 15 minutes. This woman has a gift, and an incredible vision to empower people. Her dedication is unquestionable, and her commitment is vibrant and encouraging.

Giselle Psaki, Business Development CEO

The coaching sessions were more than I expected! I am walking with pride and totally empowered in the next stage of my career. Maria’s personal experience and growth give her the knowledge and know-how to help others succeed in their life. Working with her was inspiring and through her passion and dedication, I was able to develop more trust and confidence to become a more successful entrepreneur and now able to lead by example in my community.

M.Cuomo, Mount Kisco, NY

It’s an amazing experience to get to work with someone like Maria. Maria was born to be a coach! She motivates and inspires me, and really helped me to find the laser-sharp focus I needed to achieve my goals. Warm, dynamic, smart, and genuinely interested in seeing me at my best – and will give a much-needed kick in the butt when needed. Maria is an exceptional coach and human being. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I ever made!
– M. Diorio, Attorney, NYS