Career Coaching

      “Career coaching gives you clarity- let me be your sparring partner”


Do you doubt your current career? Do you want to self-employed? Maybe you’re looking for more happiness and balance. Maybe you’re wondering what your second act is? Or, your next gig.

You want to find out what’s missing in your life. You have fifty million ideas rolling around in your head and you’re not sure what path to take.

You have skills and experience and want to know how to repackage your skills for a career pivot or rebrand.

I will help you shift gears and change your career help you harness your creativity and unique power to be inspired and have that fulfilling career.

Often people stay in their current positions due to fear,  financial risks, or not knowing what their purpose is. Career coaching will help you gain clarity and insight.

We will discuss your career path, your dreams, values, talents, background, and potential limiting beliefs.

Through online career coaching, some of my clients have

  • Left corporate life to find meaning and balance

  • Managed the transition after being downsized

  • Explored that idea that been whispering in their ear for a while- you know that idea that keeps you up at night.

  • Turning that hobby that people pay you for into a lucrative career

  • Changes industries

  • Re-entered the workforce after being home with kids

  • And more….


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