Ready to Start a New Life in the Netherlands

Start a Business and Create a Life dutch flag

Starting up a business can be incredibly exciting. It can feel scary. Where to start? Why do it? Will I be able to do it? Those are a few of the questions every new entrepreneur asks themselves. Expats make successful entrepreneurs because they are adaptable, open to new challenges and have an inherent need to find success for themselves in their adopted country.

Starting a new life in the Netherlands will be challenging!


Do you want to start your own business in the Netherlands because you have a great idea, or simply don’t want to work for a boss anymore?

Then the Netherlands, with its international outlook, is a good place to start your own business.

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Most expats start a business for the same reasons entrepreneurs start businesses:

  • Freedom

  • Fulfilment

  • Resilience

How to start a business is advice I just LOVE giving and sharing.  Now you’re in The Netherlands and you’re asking yourself, “now what”?

Entrepreneurs’ rock and I feel super fortunate that I get to help people start their businesses.

How to Start a Business

Know Your Why?

You want to make sure you are starting a business for the RIGHT reasons.

  • You have a desire to solve a problem and make a difference.

  • You see a gap in the market that could benefit from your expertise.

The WRONG reasons are:

  • You do it only for the money-you can’t maintain over the long haul if you don’t fully believe in the integrity of your products or services and believe in the value you bring to others.

  • You are sick and tired of your current life and you feel anything would be an improvement (starting a business is not for everyone).

Thought of starting your business in your home country; but never had the chance. Now you’re an expat …… time to start.  Not sure of what type of business?

You have options and opportunities. It’s time for a chat!


How To Get Started?

Lay the strategic groundwork to establish your ideal business. The most valuable things you bring to the table are your passion, intuition, and a willingness to take a risk…on yourself.

Let’s Get Started!

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