Expat And The Rollercoaster Effect! ONE

The expat experience could be described as a rollercoaster ride. Your journey starts with a mixture of anxiety and pleasant interactions – you go through ups and downs. In the end you either enjoyed your ride and want to do it all over again and again, or decide to stay, or go home changed forever will new experiences.

This rollercoaster for expatriates is called the cultural adjustment circle and hits every expat. But knowing what to expect and how to deal with the ups and downs helps you to cope better and makes your stay in a foreign country easier.

With my supportive coaching sessions you will be well prepared for the downs and enjoy the ups to the fullest.

Challenges include:

  • Overcome disappointment it’s all not the picture-perfect.one

  • Dealing with culture shock. You could find yourself feeling out of place and confused. Different language, customs and social etiquette can be very bewildering.

  • Isolation and homesickness. Once the unpacking has been done, the novelty has worn off. Then you realize this is your “new home”.

  • Your friends and family back home are not always supportive of your decision.

  • Overcome loss of identity. A great part of who you are lies in the things you do in day-to-day life. It’s not unusual to feel a little lost, when you have to say goodbye to your old routines.

  • Loss of identity, surroundings,  familiar roles and relationships.

  • Who am I? All these changes… how do I define and establish myself in the new unknown?

  • How do I recognize or create possibilities?

  • How do I build a new network?

It’s time to Invest in yourself!

[checklist icon=”ok” iconcolor=”#af49ae” circle=”no”]

  • Build a bridge between your old and new lifeone

  • Exploring and understanding the new culture

  • Discover living abroad present opportunities

  • Discover using your talents in a new way

  • Remaining yourself while embracing change

  • Discover how living abroad impacts the “new version” of yourself

  • Reaffirm your sense of identity



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